Sunday, May 31, 2009

I have been doing so much thinking lately about our generation.  How selfish and wasteful we have become!!!  I am blown away and our need to constantly have more and move on to the next best thing or drive the next best car or buy the bigger house and decorate a little bit better.....  Now I am not saying that doing those things are bad or wrong choices..... but I am getting to a deeper issue of the heart!!! Why can't we find contentment??  Who says we have to have it all instantly.... I know for certain those thoughts do not come from Christ... He taught so much on contentment and finding joy in what you have been given.  In this ever quickly changing world and economy I have just really been hit hard with the concept of contentment.... on making the most of what we have and gratefulness.

I was driving to the mall this weekend just to get my phone fixed...I probably passed at least 6 men standing out at a corner on my path asking for help.  I was so heartbroken for all those who are truly struggling to make ends meet.  I was so compelled I actually gave one of them money.  I just prayed that he would use it wisely.... but ultimately that part is not my responsibility. Christ calls us to reach out and help the hungry and the homeless and to give.  Instead of focusing so much on what we want.... what we just have to have this week, why don't we focus on gratefulness and ways we can help and bless others with the resources we have been given. Make a meal for a friend, give something away to someone who needs it.  Instead of throwing things away take them to a shelter and bless men, women and children with what you feel is your trash.... but I guarantee it is their treasure.

My husband and I have been known around here as dumpster divers. We don't care. We just have found that being frugal has huge benefits and blessings.  We have found so many wonderful things for our home that someone else decided was trash.  I seriously should post some pictures of all the amazing things we have found!!!  I just challenge everyone to be appreciative, to be purposeful in their decisions, to look for opportunity to bless someone else!!!  I promise you will be more blessed in the end if you do!!!!!


  1. hey friend, i love everything about this post. living here in Mexico and seeing the poor on a daily basis is very much a reminder for me. God is good and faithful though. we are called to give, and what they decide to do with the money or thing is their part not ours. our only part is to give so if you do that... the Lord will bless you for obeying Him.
    i miss you friend. give all your beautiful children and your cute husband a big hug from aunt becca

  2. Thanks for the challenge. You are right materialism is a heart issue. If I am honest with myself it is one I struggle with daily.

  3. Hey Erin! I found your blog off facebook. Blogs are so fun! I've got one too
    This will be a great way to keep up with you in between running into you... in matching boots :)


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